52mm Achromatic +10 Close Lens Macro Lens Macro Attachment Converter by SIOCORE

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SIOCORE 52mm achromatic +10 NAHLINSE or MAKROLINSE, for lenses with 52mm filter thread


This article is e.g. compatible with or suitable for: cameras, camcorders, lenses, adapter rings and adapter tubes, with 52mm connection or 52mm filter thread.

Macro lenses or close-up lenses are used to enlarge very close objects or to make fine details on objects larger. The way it works is comparable to a magnifying glass.

What is special about "achromatic" close-up lenses, compared to their "normal" counterparts, is the construction-related use of two individual lenses cemented together, which corrects the change in back focus with the wavelength of the light entering the lens. The result is a very good, bright and high-contrast image of the respective motif, coupled with a significant reduction in color fringes.

This type of macro lens is used, for example, for high-quality jewelry or insect photography, where maximum sharpness and richness of detail are important.

NOTE: This is a conversion lens. It is screwed onto the lens used on your camera and is only suitable for lenses with a 52mm filter thread.


* Structure: achromatic two-lens compound structure with +10 diopter
* Lens frame made of particularly robust titanium/aluminum alloy
* all glass-air surfaces are coated
* 52mm direct connection thread
* 52mm filter thread
* Significant reduction of chromatic aberrations (color fringes)
* Lens elements made of "High Index Glass" ensure very good light transmission
* crystal-clear, detailed and bright image reproduction
* Fully autofocus and infrared compatible
* reduces the minimum distance to the subject and increases the magnification

Scope of delivery:

* 1x SIOCORE Achromat +10 NAHLINSE
* 1x microfiber cleaning cloth
in original packaging