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Anschluss kameraseitig (Objektivadapter)
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Reuse old lenses with lens adapters

A Lens adapter is a connecting piece with the help of which non-manufacturer lenses can be connected to a modern SLR camera connect to another brand. Even older lenses for analogue cameras can be replaced with the practical adapter continue to use it on a modern camera. Old lens treasures and expensive accessories from third-party manufacturers do not necessarily have to gather dust in the closet, but can be easily adapted and continue to be used.

High-quality workmanship and perfect hold

The modern ones Lens adapter have a high-quality workmanship and are absolutely dustproof on the bayonet the camera on. This is to protect the sensitive chip. The Adapter snap reliably into the bayonet. This also guarantees large and heavy lenses a reliable Hold and high stability. In addition, it is practically impossible Adapter to overreact. Depending on the age and type of camera and the one used Adaptermodell it is necessary to focus the lens manually.

A practical companion

To attach one Bayonet Adapters no special tool is required. The adapters are small and light, making them easy to transport and use on the go. We have a large selection in our online shop different lens adapters, which allow to use older third-party accessories with a modern camera. A big advantage is that most of our lens adapters keep the lens used in focus to infinity.