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Release buttons or soft release buttons

Shutter buttons enlarge the standard shutter button on a camera. This is often too small and cannot be felt immediately with the finger when the subject is already in front of the lens. We offer release buttons for a wide range of camera models from the most popular brands.

High-quality release buttons from GARIZ

A soft release button from the award-winning accessories brand GARIZ upgrades your camera both visually and functionally. Our GARIZ release buttons are made of solid brass and can be screwed into the thread of the camera release. The existing release button has a cable release thread in which the new release button can be attached. In no time you have a release button that improves the comfort when taking pictures considerably and also looks good. A patented anti-loosening function ensures a tight fit. The soft release button is high-quality anodised for durability, and its edge is precisely CNC-milled.