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Camera hand grips and grip extensions, protection and better grip when gripping your camera

High-quality cameras want to be held securely, but usually do not have a sufficient one by default handle. People with larger or strong hands in particular often have problems holding the cameras of today, some of which have no grip bead or housing bulges that are too small, still and firmly. Spread fingers and partly blurred images are the result. The solution is one of our high-quality hand-made ones camera grips made of various precious hardwoods and aluminium.

Warm precious woods meet the technical sophistication and coolness of high-quality cameras

Usually our camera handles made of two types of precious wood, which are firmly connected and, for maximum breaking strength, aligned differently to each other by the wood fibers, the base plate of the camera grips form. It doesn't matter whether you prefer the invigorating red-orange-brown play of colors of coral wood, dark wenge wood with almost black reflections, or the warm brown tone of American walnut wood, you will find what you are looking for with us.

A camera grip as stable protection when things get a little rough

Your high-quality camera is exposed to various environmental influences, especially when taking photos in nature, on a well-deserved vacation, or generally on the go. Good to know that you can use the camera with our camera handles or. handle extensions made of wood against unsafe parking in the area. Despite mounted Wooden camera grip With most camera models, the battery or memory card compartment can still be accessed through a recess in the wooden base. Our camera handles are therefore a comfortable and particularly aesthetic enrichment for your high-quality camera.