GARIZ Shutter Release Button / Soft Release Button especially for Sony RX cameras / XA-SB3S

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GARIZ trigger button / Soft release button for Sony RX1 and RX10 (XA-SB3S)


This article is e.g. compatible with (please also note the notes in the article description) or suitable for: Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II, RX10 II, RX1R, RX1, RX10

Sophisticated functionality, made from the best materials, combined in patented design perfection, that's what the award-winning accessory brand GARIZ (powered by Siocore) stands for. Strict quality controls and the certainty of getting everything from a single source, from the design draft through the critical choice of materials to the finished product, makes this "Soft Release Button" an exclusive and functional accessory for your high-quality camera.

The GARIZ Soft Release Button made of solid aluminum is screwed into the cable release thread of the release button of your camera and thus enlarges the usually rather small and fiddly basic release button. This increases the comfort when taking pictures considerably, as the feel of the basic release button changes so positively with the GARIZ Soft Release Button that you no longer want to do without it. In addition, the GARIZ soft release button is a real eye-catcher and visually enhances your camera in an individual way.

IMPORTANT: With some Sony cameras, before screwing in the soft release button, the rubber ring at the end of the thread must be removed so that it can grip the release button thread of your camera cleanly.


* Design by the award-winning GARIZ brand
* Manufactured from the best quality aluminium
* Precision CNC-milled and high quality anodized
* with patented "anti-loosening function" for a tight fit
* increases the contact surface and the pressure point when releasing
* supports a relaxed release without shaking
* for screwing into the cable release thread of the basic release button of your camera
* Diameter (approx.): 12mm

Scope of delivery:

* 1x GARIZ release button or soft release button in special gold
* Delivered in a high-quality gift box