Camera Handgrip for Nikon Z50 made of Padouk wood | Red Brown | JB Camera Designs

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Wood Grip Base v2 - Nikon Z50 - Padouk

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Handle extension of wood or Camera handle for Nikon Z50 made of Padouk precious wood and walnut | Handmade by JB Camera Designs USA | Color: Red orange to brown Red


This wooden camera grip is specially handmade for the following camera models: Nikon Z50

This exclusive by J.B. Camera Designs, Oklahoma USA, camera handle for Nikon Z50 consists of two types of hardwood, which not only make the heart of every system camera fan beat faster due to their different coloring, but also, due to the intentionally different alignment of the wood grain and the careful bonding, give the wooden handle extension maximum strength. Best American walnut in its wonderfully natural brown color is closest to the bottom of your Nikon camera. The high-priced precious wood Padauk was subsequently chosen. Padauk is a very hard, dense and elastic precious wood, which is used for high-quality inlays in furniture and musical instrument construction, or for this camera handle for the Nikon Z50. Padauk is also called "coral wood" because of its beautiful orange-red to brown-red color. However, the hand-made wooden grip extension is not only extremely stable, but was also manufactured in the new 3-support point design specially developed by JB Camera Designs. This enables extremely modern lines, which are optimally adapted to the respective proportions of the Nikon model without being overly bulky. The camera handle for Nikon Z50 gets its surface finish from a special oil, which is also used for precious wood handles of high-quality knives. This wonderfully emphasizes the natural grain of the wood, protects against environmental influences and ensures a unique patina if the wooden handle extension is used frequently.
But this camera handle for Nikon Z50 is not only a beautiful, protective and individualizing photo accessory, but also stabilizes the entire arm thanks to the enlarged contact surface of the hand, and thus ensures relaxed photography.
The result is immediately visible: the Nikon camera is held much more still overall and there are significantly fewer blurred photos.


* exclusive wooden handle extension by J.B. Camera Designs, handcrafted in Oklahoma USA, authentic with J.B. logo and camera model engraved on baseplate
* Each hand-made solid base plate in BiColor design, made of American walnut and Padauk precious wood, is unique
* Bonding of the two types of wood, taking into account the direction of growth, offers maximum strength and durability
* 3-point overlay design allows for ultra-modern lines and aesthetics without being overly bulky
* This camera handle for Nikon Z50 protects your camera base and its edges when parking on "difficult terrain"
* it also supports holding the Nikon camera steady when the shutter is released and thus ensures significantly less blurred images
* This wooden handle extension provides a larger contact surface for the hand, especially for people with large hands
* Even when the handle is mounted on the Nikon camera, cutouts in the base plate still ensure quick access to the battery and/or memory card compartment
* Multifunctional screw made of solid stainless steel with embedded 1/4" tripod connection thread ensures a secure hold
* the multifunctional screw is self-locking, i.e. it cannot be lost when the handle is unscrewed

Scope of delivery:

* 1x Handmade camera handle for Nikon Z50 made of Padauk and walnut wood by J.B. Camera Designs USA
* will be delivered in a linen bag