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2N Storm Strap - Blood Red - 122cm

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Camera shoulder strap in Red and Camera harness made of climbing rope | handmade and patented by TUENNE Technical Outdoor Design USA | Color rope: Red | Model: Storm Strap - Blood Red - 122cm


This camera strap is e.g. suitable for: many compact, DSLR and system cameras, which have free-standing belt eyelets for splent rings.

TUENNE (pronounced "Two-N" or 2N) is an American outdoor design label and produces high-quality, extremely robust camera shoulder straps in red. The patented, adhesive-free connection technology, the durable premium rope and precisely milled metal end pieces, which are covered with thermoplastic, result in an almost indestructible and highly resilient camera strap climbing rope set that is also visually impressive.

The Storm Strap camera shoulder strap in red consists of a single, flowing piece, with the climbing rope and the metal parts being connected to one another using the patented connection technology without glue. In addition, the ends of the camera strap are covered with high-quality TE Connectivity™ thermoplastic to protect your camera from scratches. A tested tensile load of over 100 kg makes the red camera shoulder strap an extremely robust companion.


* innovative design by the American outdoor label TUENNE
* Made from premium climbing rope and CNC milled end pieces
* TUENNE's own patented connection of the individual parts without adhesive
* thus no effect of heat, cold or moisture on the bridging points of the materials used
* Camera strap ends covered with high-quality TE Connectivity™ thermoplastic to protect against scratches
* each camera shoulder strap in red is a high-quality, unique item
* handcrafted in the USA
* the camera shoulder strap in red has been tested for a pull weight of well over 100 kg (without split rings)
* Camera strap length: about 122cm, climbing rope thickness: about 9.2mm
* Colour: Blood Red or Red

Scope of delivery:

* 1x camera shoulder strap made of climbing rope from Tuenne USA