Navy Blue Leather and Paracord Camera Loop | Monarch VII | Made in USA

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camera wrist strap off leather and rope or camera loop leather and Paracord | Handmade Original by Monarch Straps VII USA | Model: Navy Blue BOA Wrist | Color Rope: Bright Navy Blue | Diameter Rope: ca. 17mm


This camera strap made of leather and paracord is compatible with or suitable for: Canon EOS M5, EOS M6, PowerShot G5 X, G7 X Mark II, G9 X Mark II, Fuji Fujifilm X100F, X-T1, X-T2, X- T10, X-T20, X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X100, X100T, X100S, X10, X20, X30, X-E1, X-E2, X-E2S, Hasselblad X1D-50C, Leica M10, Leica Q and M Series, Nikon Coolpix B700, D500, D750, D7200, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, OM-D E-M10 Mark II, Olympus Pen-F, E-PL8, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100, DMC-GX8, DC-GH5, DC-GX800, DMC-FZ1000, DMC-FZ2000, DMC-GX80, DMC-G81, DMC-LX15, DMC-TZ101, DMC-TZ81, Pentax KP, Sigma sd Quattro, Sony Alpha 7II, Alpha 6000, Alpha 6500, Alpha 9, Alpha SLT-A99 II, as well as many other compact, DSLR and system cameras, with 1/4 inch tripod thread in the camera base.

Puristic survival design meets urban urban jungle, made to hunt for the best pictures, to always have your camera ready to hand and to carry it safely with you, that is the Monarch VII BOA camera strap made of leather and paracord. The camera hand strap made of leather and rope, model BOA (BOA = Beyond any Ordinary Adventure) from the young design company Monarch VII, is made exclusively by hand using an elaborate knotting or macrame technique from original USA Type III 550 paracord and vegetable-tanned leather.

Paracord, also called parachute cord (parachute line) or 550 cord, is a thin nylon kernmantle rope, which was used in its original form in American parachutes during World War II. Today paracord is used by the armed forces as an all-purpose rope, as well as in the survival and bushcraft area. USA Type III 550 cord usually consists of 7 to 9 core threads, covered by up to 36 individual threads and has an extremely high breaking load of 249 kg!

With the BOA camera strap made of leather and paracord, a single, long piece of paracord is knotted by hand into a camera strap core and camera hand strap cover in a complex manufacturing process, connected to each other and covered at the ends with the best vegetable-tanned leather.
The result is not just any leather and paracord camera strap, but the original BOA leather and rope camera wrist strap, handcrafted from the material used on Space Shuttle mission STS-82 to repair portions of the Hubble Space Telescope insulation.
A camera strap made of leather and paracord for individualists, lateral thinkers, outdoor enthusiasts, purists and all people who move beyond the mainstream with their camera.


* Original camera hand strap from Monarch Straps made of paracord rope and leather, in a puristic survival design, individually handcrafted in the USA
* Consisting of USA Type III 550 Paracord (tested breaking load 249kg!), and vegetable tanned full grain leather
* the camera strap made of leather and paracord is both particularly comfortable to wear and tear-resistant, non-fading, quick-drying, dirt and moisture-repellent
* An adapter screw with a 1/4 inch thread, screwed into your camera's tripod thread, connects the leather and paracord camera strap securely to it
* A corrugated rubber pad on the adapter screw also prevents accidental loosening
* the length of the camera strap is suitable for any normal wrist, a simple knot is used as resistance when widening and narrowing, which can be set individually
* Rope diameter: about 17mm
* Rope color: light navy blue | Color leather: cognac brown

Scope of delivery:

* 1x camera hand strap made of leather and rope from Monarch VII, model "BOA", handmade in USA