Floating GARIZ wrist strap / carrying strap / camera strap XS-FS2

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Floatable GARIZ hand loop / carrying straps / camera train loop XS-FS2


This article is e.g. compatible with or suitable for: Compact cameras, which have a side eyelet for carrying loops or shoulder straps. Especially for outdoor and underwater compact cameras, such as OLYMPUS Tough TG-2, TG-1, TG-830, TG-820, TG-630, TG-620, TG-320 or PANASONIC Lumix DMC-FT5, DMC-FT4, DMC-FT20, DMC-FT25 and similar...

Sophisticated functionality, paired with the best wearing properties, especially for use in water, that is the GARIZ designer hand strap "Float Strap" (powered by Siocore) made of a neoprene material mix in a signal colour. This hand strap was specially designed to securely carry water-resistant compact cameras. The highlight: the camera connected to the wrist strap is held on the surface by the self-buoyancy of the "Float Strap" if it is lost in the water, a "buoy" so to speak for your camera. The neon-like signal color of the carrying strap also ensures that it can be found quickly in the water, even with waves and spray. Whether it's on your next dive or just while swimming, you'll never have to worry about your camera, underwater case, keys or similar "sinking" again.

IMPORTANT: To attach this hand strap, your camera needs a side attachment point for carrying straps or shoulder straps.


* GARIZ designer carrying strap made from a mix of neoprene materials in a signal colour
* Easy connection to the "Float Strap" using a clip
* Non-slip inner material keeps the wrist strap securely on the wrist even in water
* Stepless adjustment of the neoprene wrist strap using a spring-loaded slider
* Best wearing comfort, individually fitting
* equally suitable for narrow and strong wrists
* can hold a compact camera up to a weight of at least 250g above water (tested with Olympus TOUGH TG-2)

Scope of delivery:

* 1x GARIZ designer hand strap "Float Strap"
* Delivery in original packaging