SIOCORE lens adapter Olympus OM bayonet to Pentax Q, Q7 and Q10 camera

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SIOCORE Adapter OLYMPUS OM bayonet lens to PENTAX Q bayonet camera with foot and 1/4 inch thread


The bayonet of this article is e.g. compatible with or suitable for: PENTAX Q-S1, Q, Q7 and Q10

The "Powered by SIOCORE" adapter is made of very high quality chrome-plated brass and CNC-milled aluminum and is of "heavy quality". Due to the special manufacturing process and the excellent workmanship, it is dust-tight on the bayonet of your camera. The snapping of the adapter into the bayonet of your camera and the existing stop screw also guarantee optimal hold and protection against over-tightening of the adapter. In addition, the infinity setting, or the "focus to infinity", of the lens used in each case is retained. The aperture and the focus must be set manually, the exposure or automatic timer calculates your camera automatically.


* "Powered by SIOCORE" adapter made of particularly robust chrome-plated brass and CNC milled aluminum in "heavy quality"
* Infinity setting is preserved
* Precision processing to the millimeter for a dust-tight fit on your camera
* no influence on the close-up limit, focal length and largest or smallest aperture of your lens
* with stand and 1/4 inch thread
* Easy attach and unscrew for quick lens changing
* Self-locking and stop screw to protect against over-tightening

Scope of delivery:

* 1x "Powered by SIOCORE" adapter for Pentax Q cameras
* in original packaging