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The story of CECILIA begins in Europe in the middle of the 19th century.

Two German families, Kromwell and Fleisch, immigrated to the United States from Germany in the 1930s and together formed the Cromwell Leather Group. The CECILIA company is run as a 5th generation family business by Michael Fleisch, the great-grandson of the company founder Curtis Cromwell of the Cromwell Leather Group.

CECILIA can look back on more than 160 years of expertise in leather goods production.

In its history, honorable companies such as Leica, Agfa, Graflex, Coach and Ray Ban Bausch & Lomb have been supplied with leather goods.

Today, CECILIA focuses on the needs of the modern photographer and traveler and creates exceptional camera bags, as well as camera accessories with recognition value made from high-quality raw materials.

Among other things, CECILIA is known for its camera straps made from the finest baby alpaca wool, a sustainably produced raw material from the Peruvian Andes.

By making the camera straps becomes supporting local communities around Cusco, historic capital of Peru. After shearing, the wool is spun into a hypoallergenic fiber that hardly absorbs moisture and has an extremely high tensile strength. This natural raw material is then woven by hand according to a centuries-old tradition on horizontal hip belt looms, a very old form of back belt weaving device, and combined with the best, surface-finished full-grain smooth leather from Argentine cattle.

In addition, many CECILIA camera straps and hand straps are completely or partially covered by an extremely tear-resistant nylon fabric that has been tested for a tensile strength of over 100 kg.

A camera accessories Manufactured to the high standard of lasting the life of the camera.