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Snake Twins SL, Silver Grey - 125cm

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Camera carrying strap made of poly silk or Camera belt leather and rope, especially for Leica SL2, Leica SL and Leica S, made of art silk and vegetable tanned Italian leather, in double-strand design by Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags | handmade | Model: Snake Twins SL, Silver Grey | Color: Silver Grey | Length: ca. 125cm


This camera carrying strap made of poly silk is suitable for: Leica SL2, Leica SL (Typ 601), Leica S (Typ 007), Leica S (Typ 006), as well as DSLR, compact or system cameras, which have camera strap flat eyelets or triangular triangle eyelets with a clear diameter of 13mm.

An unmistakable camera strap made of leather and rope in perfect craftsmanship from high-quality materials, that is the claim that the small Cypriot leather manufacturer Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags, under the direction of the Greek director and professional photographer Evris Papanikolas, places on its camera strap made of poly silk has. 35 years of professional experience with DSLR and Leica systems and the desire to manufacture a camera strap made of leather and rope, which corresponds to a high-quality Leica premium camera, culminated in the founding of his exclusive leather manufactory, specializing in unusual camera straps made of poly silk of the highest quality, handcrafted Made by professional bag makers and belt makers in Cyprus with great attention to detail.

This rock n roll rope camera strap is made of so-called poly silk, a yarn made of very fine polyester threads, which is intricately braided into a rope. The rope made of polyester silk can definitely compete with its natural model in terms of suppleness and noble shine, and it can even hold a candle to it in terms of function. Because although it is as comfortable to wear as silk, it is also tear-resistant, quick-drying, lightfast and dimensionally stable. Finally, firmly connected by hand with the finest Italian leather, each camera strap made of leather and rope is absolutely unique.
The exclusive double rope design also offers even greater carrying comfort and relieves the wearer of heavy Leica SL2, SL or S camera-lens combinations.
A notice: This camera strap made of poly silk was specially designed for the wider flat eyelets of the Leica SL2. SL and S manufactured so that the belt connection cannot slip back and forth. Please note this if you want to attach the leather and rope camera strap to another camera.


* Distinctive poly silk camera strap from Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags, individually handcrafted in Cyprus
* Consisting of two strands of the finest polyester silk and Italian vegetable-tanned leather
* The premium polyester silk used is both supple with a silky sheen and tear-resistant, quick-drying, dirt and moisture-repellent, lightfast and dimensionally stable
* The camera strap ends are made of extra thick leather straps with burnished brass fasteners for maximum grip
* Belt length: 125cm
* Diameter rope (per strand): 10mm
* Rope color: Silver Gray | Color of Italian leather: black

Scope of delivery:

* 1x Leather and rope camera strap from Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags, handmade in Cyprus
* Supplied in a gift box