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The story of Rock N Roll Camera Straps and Bags begins in Spring 2015.

Professional photographer and director Evris wanted a quality one camera strap for his new Leica camera, but all available on the market at that time Camera Strap Models were either not fancy enough, impractical, or of poor quality.
A short time later he visited a pet shop to buy a new leash for his dog "Chelsea". He chose a particularly unusual, high-quality leash made of wonderfully waxed leather. Without further ado, he bought two, went to a shoe repair shop across the street, and asked the man behind the workbench to replace the dog's leash by cutting, punching holes, and adding extra straps to a primitive one camera strap to transform.
The idea of your own Design Kameragurt Manufactory was born and with it the design label Rock N Roll Camera Straps and Bags.

Rock N Roll Camera Straps and Bags camera straps are made from the finest Italian leather of the highest quality.

Every single one camera shoulder strap is made by trained belt makers and bag makers with a lot of passion and dedication to the material Manager made by hand.
Everyone Carrying strap for cameras is individual, everyone Leather camera strap is a unique piece, which becomes more and more beautiful and supple with time of use on the camera, and develops its own wonderful patina.

At the same time, Rock N Roll Camera Straps and Bags camera shoulder straps very robust and designed for everyday use. The design of the camera straps is both unusual and functional, with an absolute "eye-catcher" guarantee and flatters every high-quality SLR, compact and system camera alike.

All camera strap models were and are designed by the owner of Rock N Roll Camera Straps and Bags, himself a Greek film director and photographer.

Evris has a long career in the film industry, with more than 1000 commercials in Greece, Egypt, Dubai, Lebanon, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine and Colombia using Leica cameras and SLRs.

In 2018, Rock N Roll Camera Straps and Bags produced Street exclusively in black and white camera strap "Hendrix" model for the "Leica Q Panda Limited Edition" camera strap set for Leica China, which is limited to 200 pieces.

RockNRoll Camera Straps and Bags, handmade camera straps highest quality, exclusive in workmanship and design, by photographers, for photographers.