Retro Leather Camera Strap | Design for flat eyelets | Barton 1972 | Vintage Brown

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Design camera carrying strap or Retro camera strap leather | Handmade Vintage Model by Barton 1972 | Model: Xtra | Color: Coffee Brown | Length (complete): ca. 157cm | Length (assembled): ca. 135cm | Strength: ca. 4mm | Width: ca. 18mm


This retro leather camera strap is e.g. suitable for: DSLR, compact or system cameras, which have camera strap flat eyelets or triangular splentrings or triangle eyelets.

Barton1972 is the design camera carrying strap label of the owner-managed design studio "Annie Barton", which is extremely well known among camera enthusiasts. The artistically designed retro camera straps made of leather by the couple Carmen and Victor have stood for timeless elegance, craftsmanship and durability since 2010 and reflect their shared love of photography, as well as their great commitment to the worldwide photo community. Her pictures, whether on Instagram, Facebook or in her own blog, as well as her extensive tests of various cameras on Youtube, give an idea of ​​the importance of photography in your life, a passion that is reflected in the perfectionist design of your Barton1972 Design camera straps leaves. With a Barton 1972 Retro camera strap made of leather, you are purchasing an absolutely unique item, a piece of handcrafted design art for your camera, which not only impresses visually and haptically, but also in practical use.

The retro camera strap made of leather XTRA has a retro look and is very comfortable to wear with its tapered ends and a middle width of 18mm. Due to the slightly waxed pull-up leather used, the retro camera strap is optically based on days long past, an absolute eye-catcher, ideal for today's compact and system cameras. An elegant, well thought-out design that flatters every camera.

A notice: This retro camera strap made of leather was specially made for mounting on the flat eyelets of a wide variety of DSLR and system cameras, so that the strap connection cannot slip back and forth. Therefore, this design camera strap does NOT fit cameras with normal point camera strap eyelets.


* Barton 1972 design camera strap made of lightly waxed pull-up leather, handcrafted by the Annie Barton design studio
* Consisting of two continuous layers with a total thickness of over 4mm, connected with a double seam
* metal-free design, so no scratches from splint rings or metal eyelets on your high-quality camera
* Can be rolled up to save space, so it fits in almost any camera bag
* Color: Coffee Brown | Length (complete): approx. 157cm | Length (mounted): approx. 135cm | Thickness: approx. 4mm | Width: about 18mm

Scope of delivery:

* 1x Barton1972 Vintage Design Leather Camera Strap
* Supplied in the original Barton1972 felt gift box