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Barton 1972 is the label of the owner-managed design studio "Annie Barton".

The artistically braided Barton1972 Camera straps and camera straps by the couple Carmen and Victor have stood for timeless elegance, craftsmanship and durability since 2010 and reflect their shared love of photography, as well as their great commitment to the global photo community.

Her pictures, whether on Instagram, Facebook or in her own blog, as well as her extensive tests of various cameras on YouTube, give an idea of ​​the importance of photography in your life, a passion that is reflected in the perfectionist design of your finest leather braided camera straps can be found again.

The braided camera straps consist of six to eight individual strands of extra thick top grain leather, which are brought into a complex boxy, flat or rope-like shape using a special laying and braiding technique.

This laying and braiding process can only be carried out by hand and takes several hours. Its special design, the pleasant wearing comfort, the hand-processed leather, as well as the extremely complex braiding technique behind the shape, make Barton1972 camera straps and Camera hand straps one of the most beautiful camera accessories Manager on the market.

With a Barton1972 camera loop or one camera strap your customer acquires an absolutely unique piece, a piece of handmade camera design art, which not only convinces visually but also in practical use.