Camera Carrying Strap for Leica SL SL2 S | Reptile Leather Embossing | Rock N Roll | 125cm

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Riviera SL2 Black Mamba - 125cm

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camera strap off leather with reptile leather embossing or Camera carrying strap for Leica SL, SL2 and S by Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags | handmade on Cyprus | Model: Riviera SL2 Black Mamba | Color leather: Black | Length: approx. 125cm | Width: approx. 15mm


This leather camera strap is suitable for: Leica SL2, Leica SL (Typ 601), Leica S (Typ 007), Leica S (Typ 006), as well as DSLR, compact or system cameras, which have camera strap flat eyelets or triangular triangle eyelets with a clear diameter of 13mm.

This camera carrying strap for Leica SL, SL2 and S has an unmistakable design, which was made from high-quality materials with perfect craftsmanship. The small Cypriot leather manufacturer Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags, under the direction of the Greek director and professional photographer Evris Papanikolas, specializes in unusual camera straps made of leather of the highest quality, handcrafted by professional bag makers and belt makers with great attention to detail.

The RIVIERA leather camera strap has a vintage look and is reminiscent of the Leica camera straps often seen in Italian films from the 50s and 60s. It consists of two layers of leather, cut by hand and sewn together by hand, whereby the visible, outer part consists of full grain leather with reptile leather embossing of the highest quality and the part facing the inside or body side consists of the finest full-grain leather. A special leather finishing process makes the leather camera strap particularly soft and cuddly to the touch. With its elegant appearance, which is based on the camera carrying straps for Leica from days long gone, this eye-catcher fits perfectly with your high-quality camera.

A notice: This camera carrying strap was specially made for the wider flat eyelets of the Leica SL2, SL and S, so that the strap connection cannot slip back and forth. Please keep this in mind if you want to attach the camera strap to another camera.


* Distinctive reptile embossed leather camera strap from Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags made from high quality full grain leather, individually handcrafted in Cyprus
* Consisting of full grain leather with a snakeskin look and full-grain leather of the highest quality
* hand-sewn camera strap ends made of extra thick leather straps with burnished brass securing for maximum hold
* Gurtlänge: ca. 125cm
* Gurtbreite: ca. 15mm
* Leather colour: black with reptile leather embossing

Scope of delivery:

* 1x camera strap for Leica SL, SL2 and S in snakeskin look from Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags, handmade in Cyprus
* 2x 16mm Splentringe