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The design label "Sailor Strap", which received the German Design Award in 2018, stands for a small Warsaw manufacturer that has been producing camera straps made of braided rope and Italian premium leather in a traditional way for several years.

In addition to the vegetable tanned Italian premium leather, only the best materials are processed by hand for Sailor Strap products, as the main component of every Sailor Strap wrist strap or any Sailor Strap camera strap: The braided one Rope made of artificial silk.

The high-quality rope, not to be compared with mountaineering rope or similar, consists of so-called polyester silk, a yarn made of very fine polyester threads, which is laboriously sewn into a Rope is intertwined. The rope made of polyester silk can definitely compete with its natural model in terms of suppleness and noble shine, and it can even hold a candle to it in terms of function. Because although it is as comfortable to wear as silk, it is also tear-resistant, quick-drying, lightfast and dimensionally stable. Finally, about robust saddle yarn with the Italian Manager firmly connected and provided with hardened, corrosion-resistant splint rings, each Sailor Strap camera strap braided Rope absolutely unique there, a symbiosis between sailing and photography.

Sailor Strap camera straps and hand straps are available in different rope thicknesses, lengths and colors, with or without scratch protection.